Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jam on Fox & Friends!

David Frei & Jam
Jam had the honor of being asked to join David Frei and three other dogs, for an appearance on Fox & Friends to promote the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club Show.  Only dogs that are entered in next weeks show were included.  We will post the video of our segment in a separate post.  It was a fun morning, as Jam loves going anywhere and after a short walk from the parking garage to the Fox studios, we were warmly greeted by David Frei, who I have met years ago at an agility trial, and his lovely assistant Sharon, as well as a woman from the PR firm for WKC.  We met the other dogs, did a few preview "teaser" shots on air, and then it was time to go on set.  
Each dog appeared by themselves with David Frei and the host, Gretchen Carlson.  Gretchen was quite impressed with Jam's modeling career and David mentioned that Jam was also a therapy dog, and participated in many events including agility.
Jam, who is a momma's girl, was a little surprised when I handed her off to David and walked away but all was fine when David showed her the string cheese I had given him during the pass off.  Jam did a wonderful job representing the breed.
We even had a nice surprise as the next segment was featuring Bobby Deen, Paula Deen's son, who was promoting his new cookbook.
Jam even gave Bobby kisses!

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June said...

Jam's sweet face was also the icon on the home page to navto the video link! Such a pro!
Excited for next Tuesday :-)