Monday, June 4, 2012

Bravo New Bronze GCH & Weekend Update

From Bravo's blog - the latest on his career as a "Special" with his latest Best of Breed wins and he is now a Bronze Grand Champion!!!

Bravo is on the show circuit and has won Best of Breed in tough competition in 6 of the 7 shows plus a Sporting Group 3 on the first day of the circuit.

When not traveling with handlers Michael Stone and Collen Stone and with Alisa Syar, Bravo is kenneled at Camp Stone, very much like a fine show dog boarding school. There Bravo is with other show dogs, mainly Alaskan Malamutes. He romps and plays (in adjoining runs) with his favorite young champion Malamute, "Paws". During his stay at Camp Stone, Bravo has become a favorite with the staff. He's known as "very sweet, affectionate, and quite the out-going personality". In fact, Bravo has made the fastest progress in the shortest time of any show dog at Camp Stone.

Bravo's progress translates directly into the show ring. He is more confident and has more presence in the ring in addition to his great elegance, balance and superb movement evidenced by his strong reach and drive. Yes, our boy is maturing and growing into quite a fine Special.

Bravo is now back at Camp Stone and then off to "WoofStock," 4 days of shows in Vallejo, CA.

We're very proud of Bravo and know that he's now achieving a new level of show dog performance. Thanks to Camp Stone, handlers Michael and Collen, Alisa and his Team back home - Linda Hartheimer in New Jersey, SaraRenee in Indiana and his home front at Crescent Kennels in California, Bravo is doing it all.

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