Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weimaraner Wednesday

Sky during her 1st place NAJ title run!

A wonderful Weimaraner Wednesday!  We started the day with a fabulous agility lesson for all three girls.  The weather held and we were able to train outside, a real bonus as we get ready for Spring trial season.  There were many good distractions and I was able to work the girls through these challenges.  We had a great lesson, focusing on body awareness, wrapping around jumps and weave poles.  I was really proud of how they all did since we haven't had a lesson in months.  Jam and Trixie, experienced agility dogs, are ready to get back into trials and we are fine tuning their runs and trying to add speed and accuracy to their weave poles.  Savi really made me proud, as she is a novice dog and quickly picked up everything we asked her to do, even some advance maneuvers including front crosses, pinwheels and wraps.  Our instructor, a top level competitor, gave the girls the ultimate compliment, calling them "brilliant!"

If the morning lesson wasn't enough fun, in the afternoon, we made our weekly Delta Therapy Dog visit.  It was an enjoyable visit for the residents or consumers as they are called and the staff.  They really get a kick out of Jam and her visits have such a positive effect on them, both physically and mentally.

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June said...

Will be exciting to watch your girls flying soon at trials!