Friday, March 30, 2012

World traveler

 In our romp around the internet, we stumbled upon the long awaited photos from Jam's photoshoot for Tumi luggage.  These were taken last October, at a fabulous beach house in Bridgehamptom, New York.    This house and location has been used for TV shows such as Royal Pains, movies and fundraisers.  It was a tough job, not really, but somebody had to do it.  Jam loved the crew and was only annoyed that she wasn't allowed to run on the beach but rather had to look pretty.  The onsite chef cooked Jam's favorites and she was totally spoiled.
 Jam is featured in two shots, the hallway shot lying on the floor and the other one on the driveway with a model, Maserati and of course, the featured luggage.  This shot is on the Tumi website and the cover photo on their Facebook page.
 The house had incredible beach views and this amazing infinity pool on the second floor deck.  What a fun day!

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