Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Grayhart Girls Great Southern Adventure - Part 1

Last Thursday, we loaded up the minivan for the beginning of our almost two week adventure down South to visit friends, Grayhart pups, compete in agility trials and dog shows.  Our first stop was an overnight in PA to visit Trixie's breeders, Michael and Amy of GraytSky Weimaraners. They live on a beaucolic property with 12 acres of pasture and forest.  Heavenly for people and dogs to run and relax.
The highlight was playing with their litter of 6 1/2 week old Maestro x Mia pups.  Adorable and active, who can't resist these babies!
 I love pups this age, friendly, playful and full of curiousity.  Wonderful temperaments and lovely conformation, many of these pups will be going to show and performance homes.
Already mastering the agility equipment!
One of the most interesting things is how dogs remember their breeders and have a special connection to them.  Trixie is no exception.  Although she has seen Amy and Michael over the years on and off, whenever she sees them, they get a greeting like no other, hysterical kissing and an outpouring of love from Trixie. 
 Michael has a special touch with the dogs and they all love him...my girls are no exception...
Savi, Jam and Trixie vying for a treat and attention...
Savi even had some stacking practice and training to get ready for her big Futurity show weekend in Greenville, South Carolina on the 28th.  We're thrilled with how she's maturing.

We left PA for the long drive down to Sanford, North Carolina for the Tarheel Weimaraner Club Agility trials...more news to follow...


Sagira said...

It is kind of the same way with foster pups. Whenever we see one of our fosters they get so excited. :)

June said...

I love the puppies on the mini a-frame!
I can't get over how mature Savi looks in these pictures... like a different girl from 2 weeks ago (see.... I really do need my pbp-fix!!)
Can't wait to see everyone soon.