Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 WCA Nationals Agility Trial - Trixie 1st Place Exc A Std run!

 These are the professional pictures taken by Natureworks on the first day of agility at the 2011 WCA Nationals. This was the WCA Allbreed Agility trial and Trixie won the 24" Exc A Standard class and received a 3rd place in Open Jumpers with Weaves for a double Q day!
 Trixie has amazing focus and a controlled drive that makes her so much fun to run!
 Perfect form over the triple jump
 You can see her changing leads in mid-air and following my signal...
 She lifts off and over the jump and then in the photo below, you can see her on the landing side where she switches leads to make the next turn.
 That's judge Laura English, who designed wonderful flowing and challenging courses.
 Up over the A-frame
 And off towards the finish line for a perfect run which earned Trixie a 1st place for her first Exc A Standard leg.

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Sagira said...

I love your face in the last one, haha! Great photos. :)