Monday, October 5, 2009

Retrieving Ratings Practive for Sky and Mia-belle

Sky retrieving a bumper
Our two Southern Grayhart girls, Sky and Mia-belle, attended the Tarheel Weimaraner Club's Retrieving Practice day on September 26th, in Clayton, North Carolina, and had a blast swimming and playing with the dogs. The practice day was to help handlers and their dogs prepare for the WCA Retriver Ratings Test that the Tarheel Club was hosting the following day.
Sky checking out the lake.
Debbie braved the water and taught Mia-belle how to swim, while Sky supervised! Get me out of this water!
Mia-belle watches attentively - so many cool things happening here. Now for the bird retrieve...
Good girl Sky!
The dog must retrieve the bird into the circle where the handler must stay. The next day, Sky had an impressive run in the actual test, passed the land portion, then performed a beautiful water retrieve only to bypass Debbie and the circle and took the bird over by the judges and proceeded to pluck passing score for Sky that day. We are quite sure that with a little more practice Sky will earn that Novice Retrieving Dog title.

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