Thursday, June 11, 2009

What I did while my mom was at work...

Starring Mia-belle, Grayhart's Special Request...
you got eye trouble? maybe you'd like some!ahh, the joy of a squeak toy.don't even think of making me stop this!i can run pretty fast, y'know.we're outta here. . .gimmee that back!good thing you gave that back.i didn't want to hurt anybody.....but i would have.stay away, Lassie.and now i have you!
keep away from that toy, sister
you cannot escape the grey only *think* you can escape, furball.

Compliments and credits to Diane Gallagher of Dogtrain
for these wonderful pictures and captions. Jessica, Mia-belle's owner, is fortunate to have such a terrific friend/trainer and the opportunity to assist in teaching classes at Dogtrain.

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