Thursday, May 21, 2009

T-Z Pups Day 56 Double the Fun

Maggie enjoying the big dog bed with all their cool toys.
Jersey and Jam
Jam with one of her favorite toys, the purple octupus by Tuffies, bu she didn't mind sharing with her little sisters.
Jersey and Maggie, in a deep conversation...
Good girl Maggie for retrieving the octopus!
This has been a fairly relaxing week here at Grayhart, only having two pups to care for. They have a blast playing together and tire each other out. Getting to spend time in the kitchen with all the big dog toys is one of their favorite activities, especially if it includes playtime with Jam. It is also important to separate the pups, so I leave one home while the other goes on car rides in a crate while we do errands and visit friends. Jersey even crashed a puppy kindergarten class and had fun running through a competition size agility tunnel! She was so fast that she beat the girl playing with her, who then curved the tunnel, a more advanced skill, but Jersey didn't even notice and continued marveling us with her plans to be an agility star!

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