Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sky in the field and hiking

Sky had her first introduction to birds this week and her owners couldn't be more please with how birdy she is!

Birds should be introduced slowly, giving the pup ample opportunity to investigate and smell the bird, in this case, quail.

Despite extremely high cover, Sky found the bird. Sky did not hesitate to go into high (over Debbie's head) thick cover when a bird flushed to attempt to chase/mark. The undergrowth was very thick grass and the tall was millet and weeds.

Enthusiam and excitement is what we want to see!

Found it!

The next day, Sky went on a 5 mi hike to Hemphill Bald on Cataloochee Ranch.

The weather was wet, foggy and cold but all had a great time.

Sky had a blast running around with the five friendly dogs on the hike.

Sky's Kodak moment, waiting for for the group, surrounded by the colorful fall leaves.

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